Zoltars Wisdom Generator - Mixed Messages Project

Hi, although initially I created a simple JavaScript program that ran on Node.js I decided to add some HTML and CSS to it for an extra kick, I was unsure as to how I would use Node.js to run HTML & CSS projects so I didn’t include it much in the later stage of my project.

  • My review: Initially the project was easy given I had access to learner tools that allowed me to refresh my memory, setting up a simple generator in Node using only JavaScript, however I wanted to add some front-end design to the project and make it more interactive.
  • Took me about 6-9 hours altogether, mainly because I had to familiarise myself with plenty & watch multiple guides. Edit: The code alone took 20-40 minutes max but researching and trying to learn how things worked took hours.
  • Link to Project: GitHub - Marocafella/mixedMessage