Zip Files



I’m currently trying to work on the final project for the python course where I’m trying to design a checkers game. I’m at the stage where I’m wanting to download a database for the program to base its decisions off of. The database is from chinook.

My problem is that their files are zip files and I’m wondering if there is a way around the winzip program that wants to install. Can I get around it? Should I go to a different source for such a database?

Thank You for reading my post!



Have you tried just cutting the contents inside the zip files and moving them through a separate folder? Or are you even given access to do that?


It does not give me access to do that.


Then I suggest moving on a different data.


I come across what seems to be nothing but zip files when I try to find one. I’ll keep looking though…


Try looking at extracting data from stocks if that interest you.