Zero Experience (html) HELP

I have started to get to grips with some html coding to support my day to day work and open up some new opportunities. Things aren’t going too badly although I am finding that during some activities I am having to ask for the solution only for it to appear the same as I had done… Where could I be going wrong that I can’t notice? Is it possible to make such subtle mistakes and if so, how can they be avoided?

Any tips for someone with VERY little tech knowledge trying to learn this stuff?

Are there any basic websites out there which I can ‘inspect element’ on and get an idea of finished products?



i would check out they have a “try it yourself” button for lots of HTML tags and you can inspect those pages as they’re relatively small.

good luck



One of the things to watch out is the / at the end tag. For example:
<h1>Hello</h1> < / h1>

Another is mispelling. For example:
<a hrev="">Link</a>
It actually should be this:
<a href="">Link</a> href

That are for the basics in HTML. Other mistakes in HTML to do can be viewed here:

I hope this helps =)


So, you could use this tutorial (from Codecademy) to practice inspect element
Inspect Element

As for tips, don’t rush through it. That’s how I ended up taking about a week to learn the tag.
If you feel like you need more guidance, there’s always other sources, this was how I got started. Here’s another equally as great tutorial from Travesty Media Tutorial

Another great tip would just be to read some forums that have been solved and see if you piece together what was wrong with their html. If you can’t, that is ok, just look at the answer and try to incorporate new knowledge because soon enough it will become a skill!

Those are all my tips. Hope I helped!