Z- index Vs fixed postion


in exercise 4 fixing header why did we use z index property . it didint do anything we should have oly used position: fixed it would be enough plz expalin


if i understand your question correctly, the answer is: You used position: fixed; the #header stays fixed (well, there is a surprise) while scrolling, it is glued to the screen if you like. To ensure it will not vanish behind another element, you used z-index.

So the result is different then not using position: fixed and z-index. If you do not want a fixed #header, you can tweak your resume after you done the exercises


i dint notice anything i removed the z-index but it was same


If none of the other elements have z-indexes, you most likely won't notice it. The fixed #header will stay on top


so if i put z-index to say left footer and not to header what will happen will there be any change ????


i doubt it, z-index mostly seems to require nested elements (example)

i will put z-index in #header, in case a conflict does arise.


hmm i dont know much about this where did u learn in depth about this did u use codeacademy or some other if yes which one?


z-index is one of the thing is still haven't come to grip with. I learned at so many different places (MDN, w3c, edx now has a course on html5, reading on stackoverflow, building things and then search the required syntax etc)

Codecademy is just the basic. I even used w3schools, and then looked up the proper syntax with better documentation on MDN. w3schools and w3c are in no way related!!! i had to point that out


so after codeacademy css which one i should use to learn more deeper ???


pff... mdn? so many choices


i dont know muck about that plz be specific and use full name


why do you not simple click the link? it leads to the tutorial page


only mdn does but what is pff also mdn link it is basic css


this is text tutorial can u suggest some interactive onw like this codeacademy or some video teaching


i do not understand the question. pff.. was just me thinking where i should link to. I made MDN click-able, but that has little to do with css at this point, that is just mark up on this forum


my question was to understand more in depth css which site should i use where it is interactive tutuorial like this or some video not mdd where it is only text tutorial


MDN is so good. Yes, it is only text, does it matter? anyway, there are so many codeschool, code-avanger, teamtreehouse, make a website and make a interactive website here on CC, if they haven;t moved those to premiun. you can also do a google search


ok thanks your reply all these are premium ones !!!! i have often done google search but found not good sources only crap