Yout own store! help!


im not sure what to do. anyone got working code?


It's not much help if someone gives you the answers. Try it out and post here your code to the best of your ability and we can help you from there.


Please somebody help this is the code i put and i don't understand why its wrong it keeps saying i didn't make a dictionary. Please help not in nerdy terms because i'm bad at this

prices = {
"banana": 4
"apple": 2
"orange": 1.5
"pear": 3


If we write this horizonatally like a list, it looks like this:

prices = { "banana": 4 "apple": 2 "orange": 1.5 "pear": 3 }

What are you missing? Commas to separate them.


Thank you so much that sorted it. You are an actually LEGEND.