Your own while/else


Why does it keep saying that else: syntax is wrong?
It seems fine but I'm stuck.
Any suggestions?


else should be after if or while, its currently after you update a variable


Thanks for answering
Yeah I tried placing the variable'guesses_left' after the else condition and it's showing error
The variable was placed after the else condition.
Here's the result after execution


why place it after else? The user loses after they are out of guesses (which is after the loop is finished running)


I know, But if Iam placing it after if and above else. It's showing error. The first image

This one.


but you want to get while/else, since you want else to run when the user runs out of gueses


Hey thanks for answering. it solved my problem.All along I was trying for if/else.My bad


while guesses_left > 0:
if guess == random_number:


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