Your own while / else HELP


I dont know what to do!! HELP

Loops Your own while / else help!

step 5 of the instructions, the else you are suppose to add isn't after the while loop like mentioned in the instructions.


I dont understand what you mean by after the lopp??


step 5 of the instructions are:

use an else: case after your while loop to print You lose.

your else is nested inside the loop, not after the loop

we only want to inform the user they lost after the loop (given then they ran out of guesses)


It said this


else: print "You lose" is still nested inside the loop/part of the loop body

What determines if something is nested inside the loop?


I dont know what you mean and what shall I change?


or outside the for loop for that matter, if you can't answer me this, i am not the person to help you


Is it the if else statement


no, indention determines what is nested inside the loop/function/if clause


I still dont understand what i need to do to make my code work


the else which print You lose should be outside/after the loop, this is done by changing the indent


oh ok thank you i will try that now


I got this


missing colon at the end of your if condition on line 11


I got this


you misspelled raw_input, guess is a undefined variable.


I can't find the answer please help me I have been working on this for hours and it still won't work!!!!


Hi @belinda1108,

Check the parentheses on line 9.


How could I change it to make it work because I have tried a couple but it still dose not work.