Your Journey

Hey, I’m not sure if someone has asked this but this would help me out a lot. Can anyone share there experience as a self taught developer? I’m currently using codcademy, freecodingcamp etc, but still feel lost. I was wondering if someone could show me a detailed plan to help me? I’ve never been good at studying but i feel like having some sort of structure or some plan for me to follow tha would be helpful. I’m doing well in my journey but everytime I go to build something on my own. I feel so lost and feel like I haven’t learned anything even though I understand what I was taught… if that makes sense.

It makes a lot of sense. It’s like learning a new language and then failing to speak it. It takes practice and time to be comfortable with new knowledge. Similar to watching a professor solve a problem in the board and feeling like you are following it, and then being lost with homework?

Everything has a method to it. Programming most definitely does. Some like to write down the requirements first, then work their way through which tools will be needed, the inputs and outputs, etc. You can google it up and it might help organize your thoughts.

The danger of self-teaching is that we often don’t push ourselves hard enough. In school if we don’t study we eventually fail tests and our grade drops. Online with lessons, you can just keep going forward and not really challenge yourself to make sure you are rock solid in what you’ve learned (or you thought you did).

I say give yourself a hard deadline and take it seriously. Choose a project and a number of days, and get it done. No matter how much googling you have to do, how many documentation pages you have to read or how many times you have to check stack overflow. Set a goal and get it. It might be a way to focus your efforts and really learn!

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