'Your function returns true for 3!' in If / else if / else


Hi guys,
I feel confused about the error massage. The console displayed a correct result, but I don't know what happened to this...Here's my code. Can anyone help to fix it?


Read the Instruction

Add an else if branch to your existing if/else statement. ( which should have a return true and return false )
If the number put into the function is not a number at all,
instead of return true; or return false;,
the function should return a string that tells the user that their input isn't a number. (This string can say whatever you like.)



the return "number/2" should NOT be a string

return number / 2

and the return "number" should be return number. no quotations (" ")


Actually only the isNaN part should return a string the other two should be booleans. If you have a look at this:
you can see that non-empty strings are treated as true so maybe that is the reason why 3 which is expected to return false is considered even (which means returning true).