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"When you click on Flipboard, a dropdown menu doesn't appear. To fix this, below the first script element, add a second script element with the src equal to Then click on Flipboard to see the menu"
I cant seem to get the code on this right. Ive read the instruction so many times, still the dropdown menu is not working. her is my code.

<!doctype html>

    <script src="">
    <srcipt src="">



I have the same issue. Can anyone help? Thanks!


Hi Fayruq,

Would you please post and format your entire code from index.html and app.js so we can go through them? Thanks :)


@gracetong0630 The same error message doesn't necessarily mean your code is the same, so could you please create a new topic and include

  1. Your code, formatted
  2. A link to the exercise you're on
  3. The error message you're getting

Thanks :)


I have the same problem, I have done as instructed and I don't get the menu appearing when I click on "Flipboard" or the arrow next to it - please see screenshot below

Fix for "Your first program" dropdown not toggling

@dataace54160 Does it work if you refresh the page?
Also, could you please give a link to that page?


@zystvan I tried refreshing the page and it made no difference. I tried going back to the previous page then back to this page too.
The link to the page (btw I tried again this morning and again it still didn't work) is


its still not working for me.....i getting bored....maybe is a glitch needs to fixed.


OK everyone, I've found the issue.
Thank you to @dataace54160, who's the only person to have given me the link like I asked.

Since this course is being gotten rid of slowly, I'm not going to report a bug on it, but I will put up a pinned topic about this :slightly_smiling:

@dataace54160 Thanks again!



Here you go, I've found the fix :slightly_smiling:

I'm closing this now; if anyone has any more feedback, please leave it over there. Thanks!