Your demo should evaluate the expressions not compare text


2. Tip Calculator and 3. Tip Calculator

Ooops, did you mean to assign tax to .0675?

Since the previous lesson was about arithmetic and you gave us a value to assign to tax of 6.75, I added the line tax= 6.75 / 100

and since 6.75 / 100 == .0675 and implements the previous lesson. Just figured you should update your code to actually evaluate the expressions given, not just indicate that the text didn't look the same.

This is particularly poignant when the very next lesson (3) is to assign the tip percentage, which requires 15.0/100 rather than 15/100 or .15.

There is no explanation that you need to use a float (15.0) rather than 15 and why? And why not 15.0 / 100.0? Just two oddities in the simplest Python class ever.

In fact, you should give two kinds of errors. Code errors, which represent problematic coding issues and Content errors which would show when someone added a value you didn't ask for.

If the code compiles correctly and the values are not exact, it should be a different kind of error as that indicates a different kind of problem. It would help with learning.

tax=6.75 / 100


The course is being replaced.


And I have passed it in my lesson as is in your code so it actually works. Also you can just equal tax to .0675


Still gave me an error. Odd. But it's being replaced. So this is all for nothing anyways.


Thanks. I appreciate the prompt reply.


Well just stick around and you can code in the new Python 3 course once it is updated and put up for all users to use. In the mean time, happy coding! And as @tekkie1618 you are learning the basics of python so it is not all for not.


No. The whole point of this is to learn. If anything you are learning syntax that will carry over into Python 3, and you are learning control flow, and ways to do things in Python that can be built on to make more complex code.


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