Your code editor has too many bugs

Just as the title states, the code academys code editor has a bug on nearly every single lesson of the PHP portion that I’m currently trying to use.

I haven’t tried other lessons, but it seems like every other lesson. Even though I’m typing out the correct answer and exactly what it asks of me. When I hit submit it’ll either load forever, never doing anything - or give me an error. BUT, when I refresh the page and literally just hit submit again, not changing a single thing or adding that one character it removed upon refreshing… it works.

My question is, why would anyone pay $20/month for a service that is clearly not working properly. Why would I personally invest in something that’s seemingly broken on every other lesson. It’s quite annoying to be honest.

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Example… this lesson. It kept giving me an error that “=” was unexpected, and wanted “;” instead. Quite frustrating, since it was clearly the right answer. I had to refresh this one page over 10 times, reset the code & copy and paste the same thing numerous times before it accepted my answer.

Hi @coresolver65052,

The PHP course was originally designed for a much smaller load than it has to handle now, which is the cause of nearly all of the issues with it. It’s slated for removal, and was (by far) the buggiest course Codecademy offered. I’m sure that if you try other lessons you’ll have a much better experience :slight_smile:

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