Your card was declined

Hi @designsurfer60404,

Has this issue been sorted out for you? If yes, how?
I have the same problem. I’ve used two cards, one debit, the other credit, both on the list of acceptable cards. I emailed the support team a few times but nobody’s replied yet.

Today I got a different message:
Please check your card details: Your card was declined.

I wish someone there at Codecademy would reply to my emails.
I’ve seen moderators tagging @daniellakisza in posts concerning payment issues, so I’m doing it too.

Hi Mina,

While waiting for this to be sorted, could you have a look at this:

Thanks, Judy.
I got a Paypal account in the end and paid without a problem.
Not ideal, since I didn’t want Paypal but it’ll have to do.
I’ll get in touch with my bank and see if the cause might be on their side. It’s weird, though, I’ve never had any of the above issues happen before.

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