Young Age?

I was wondering where @ragezapper went and then i saw this…

Is there a reason for a suspension for young kids?

Yes there is a legal reason, COPPA. You can read more about that over here Coders under 13 years old

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Wow, thats surprising…

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@albionsrefuge is correct, and unfortunately I had to flag ragezapper as underage and he got suspended until 2020, luckily though, I talked @alex_bowen down to 2018.

If you see anyone that’s underage could you please tell a moderator or danieloduffy, as, like albionsrefuge said, it is illegal for these people to participate in these forums at their current age. You can tell a staff member by private messaging them - please don’t create a topic or public discussion about it, as it is a private matter.

FYI the Admins on this site are:
And these are the people that you need to tell.