"you could log a 2D object—a square" Does this mean a JS Object or an irl(?) object?



I’ve a question about the explanation in “Arrays of Arrays”:

You can make a two-dimensional array by nesting arrays one layer deep, like so:
var twoDimensional = [[1, 1], [1, 1]];

This array is two-dimensional because it has two rows that each contain two items. If you were to put a new line between the two rows, you could log a 2D object—a square—to the console

My question is in regards to the meaning of “object” used here (considering this section is called “Arrays and Objects”). Do the instructions just mean “object” as used in everyday English, or is this something programming-specific?

I started reading the Mozilla re-intro to JS doc last night and got up to at least the object section, so I have at least a vague idea of what JS objects are (like dictionaries or Ruby hashes). I didn’t want to jump the gun in asking and see my question answered in a later section, so I went through all the array exercises until the first object lesson, and the syntax there looked like what I saw in the Mozilla doc and not the 2D array square.

Can someone more knowledgeable clarify for me what is meant by “object” in this instance? Does it mean a general “thing”? Is it JS jargon? Something else?

Thanks everyone,

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“…a 2D object - a square…” Sounds like an IRL shape to me.


I thing you are going too forward with a simple text.

They simply mean to say - as I find it - a “physical, real world” object, not related to programming terms.

2D object is an square. 3D object is a cube. That’s it.

Though I agree the wording of the exercise could have been better.


Thank you, @jibblyj! Just wanted to be sure :smile:


Hahaha it seems I I did, @gaurangtandon! Around this section is where I started to get lost in the Ruby track too, so I’m trying to focus extra hard this time :smirk_cat: Thank you for your help!