You can code like that


hi all just to say you can create obect with this syntax

"use strict"; class caisse { constructor(total) { = 0; } } = 2.99;

this is EcmaScript 6 syntax also called harmony google it :wink:



Thanks for sharing this. I really like EcmaScript 6 as well.
To use EcmaScript 6, you need to know that it isn’t supported in any major browser right now. The only way to do it, is by using Babel to convert your ES6 to ES5.


yes i already know that ES6 is only supported by Firefox developper edition natively but this dev browser is not stable and have a lot of big freeze but we can use ES6 by adding just a 'Use strict'; in our code and i noticed google chrome next release come with native ES6 support so now we have to just wait for google deploy the update of his browser to use Harmony without use other alternative :slight_smile:


IIRC 'use strict'; doesn’t enable ES6, but it enables ‘strict mode’, which allows less things, making a better language. Or I might be wrong


oh thanks wasn’t know that thanks for the tips :slight_smile:


i like JS but don’t have any idea about what project can i code in js :frowning:


I would suggest taking a look at NodeJs


i already know nodeJS expressJS meteorJS sailsJS but the things i try to say it know how to code in JS but i don’t have any idea of what i can code i don’t have any inspiration code a game ? forum ? e-shop ? mail service ? i don’t know what i can code xD


I also had this problem. After a while some great ideas came up which I started pursuing. If you have friends with similar interests, try doing something together (via github maybe). I, for instance, coded a clone of a game together with one of my friends, because we played that game a lot.

You just have to find something you like, or need and start doing it. That’s the hardest part, actually starting. After that, the ball gets rolling and you should be good to go!


thanks i search a partners to code with him :slight_smile:


You could try different MV*-s and find out which one you prefer, start with a simple todo list and gradually add complexity to it.