Yatze probability


I am currently coding an own project where I am trying to figure out the probability of getting Yatze in 3 rolls or less, with 5 dice.
The problem that I am currently running in to is that I do not know how to generate the second roll as a loop based on the number of dice left after the first roll.

I have so far generated a random roll of 5 dice, stored them in a list, stored the most frequent one(the one the program wants to roll next), and stored the number of dice left (based on the most frequent value from the first roll) in order to get a Yatze. However, I do not know how to continue.

Any suggestions on how to tackle this case?


Hi welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Try a while-loop.

In terms of probability though just be aware that programming random generators are pseudo-random.