Yahtzee project

I just had a good idea, I’ sure some people could do this on their own, but I want to do it as a group. I have an idea for a game we can make with Javascript. We should try to recreate Yahtzee is JavaScript.I would like to make this, but I might need some help. I think this would be a great group project, let me know if you wan to help! Thanks!!


This is a sure good project :wink:

I’d like to help but I’m just a student.

so am I, I just think it would be a fun project


But yeah, I could definitively spend time working for someone who is very dedicated to what he’s (or she) doing. I will not work for money but can spend time to help you build up your project.

I might have an idea on using Github to build our project so we can update and do stuff, you know, collaborate while typing codes. We can use Codepen which can show us preview of what we’ll be doing and finally we can try Codeshare, where we can isolate part of code to work on them in real time.