Xyzzy.append() without printing the appended values

UPDATE: Disregard, please… Just noticed I had a print on nameit(self), rather than return.

Good evening, everyone!
I’ve taken to learn python as a hobby, and, at the moment, I’m on the 19th lesson (Intro to classes). While I’m learning, I like to try and apply what I’ve learned by creating a simple project.

Right now I’m trying my hand at classes. The project I’m attempting to do with classes is an adventurer shopping at a weapons store. It’ll have inventory tracking, gold tracking and so forth, trying to use as much as I’ve learned so far. Usually I can either figure out what am I doing wrong, either by Googling, or taking a break and approaching the issue at a different angle.

However, I got a question I couldn’t find the answer. Right now I’m working on a script that generates random items for purchase:

from random import randrange
prefixes = ["Menacing", "Strong", "Exquisite", "Weak", "Nice looking"]
materials = ["Steel", "Mithril", "Cardboard", "Iron", "Diamond", "Paper"]
suffixes = ["of Death", "of Life", "of Uselessness", "of Defense", "of Vitalty"]
tipos = ["Sword", "Dagger", "Bow", "Axe"]
class Weapon(object):
    def __init__(self, prefix, material, tipo, suffix):
        self.prefix = prefix
        self.material = material
        self.tipo = tipo
        self.suffix = suffix
    def nameit(self):
        seq = (self.prefix,self.material,self.tipo,self.suffix)
        print (" ".join(seq))
def openstore(y):
    available =[]
    for x in range(y):

Apart from an ugly way to generate random items (I’ll work on that later), the issue I’m having is that when I run openstore(10) (I’m using Python 3.5.1, by the way), for example, it prints all the 10 items, while here on codeacademy, it doesn’t. How can I append the items without printing the result yet? (Later, this list of items will be paired up with a prices list - or maybe have the price on the class itself, but that’s something for another post ;))

Did you manage to sort out that insane weapon-generating line?
I would want it to look something like:

available = [Weapon() for _ in range(10)]

And let the class worry about how a weapon should be created

If you really want the topic removed I can do that, but I like what I’m seing