Xpress Publishing sqlite3 missing

Hi everyone,

So I have read quite a few threads about issues with sqlite3 in X press Publishing project. As it was suggested in one of the discussions I put “npm outdated” in the terminal and I got this response:

Is there anyone that knows how did that happen and how I can fix it? I had also tried other suggestions that I read but nothing has worked so far.

Thank you very much.


There’s a high probability that the version of node installed on your system is too new to support the old version of sqlite3 that the project originally called for in the package.json, so it failed to install when you ran npm install.

The easiest fix in this case is to run:

npm uninstall sqlite3
npm install sqlite3

so that it installs the latest version of sqlite3. This will also update your package.json file.

There was an issue with node v14 using sqlite3 5.0.1, but they are on 5.0.2 now (as shown in your screenshot). Hopefully you won’t encounter an issue with v5.0.2. If you do, then you can force it to install sqlite3 5.0.0 by doing:

npm uninstall sqlite3
npm install sqlite3@5.0.0


So I did uninstall sqlite and then typed npm install sqlite3, something surprising, when I typed npm outdated, it shows:

no sqlite :astonished:

Nice, it’s no longer outdated (or missing) so it isn’t on the list anymore. You should be able to continue with your project now.

npm test just gives me errors but I’ll continue as you said, maybe they’ll all come together at the end. :slight_smile:

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