Xcf file conversion

Can anyone help me understand how I can successfully use Gimp as my photo editor when creating sites using HTML & CSS? I’m pretty new to this and the school I’m going to laid it out as a free option (photoshop is so expensive!) When I try to add images I have resized using Gimp they are always stored as .xcf files. Xcf do not seem to function in Notepad++. Anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you in advance!

I imagine gimp can write in other formats too (and notepad isn’t an image editor so not sure what you expected to see?)

So far, no, I haven’t been able to save gimp in other formats. Also, I’m not trying to edit the image in notepad++, I’m just trying to add an image to my code.

Then I don’t see in what way images should function in a text editor. My guess is that you mean your browser.

As for saving in another format, it seems to me like an easy thing to figure out by googling, so I shouldn’t answer that

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