WWYWTW, or, What was your win this week?

It’s that time again where we talk about our small (or big) victories.

Tell us, what was your win for the week? (It can be coding related or not)

  • Did you finish a project here on Codecademy?

  • Did you have a PR with your coding streak?

  • Did you help someone else?

Excited to read about everyone’s win! :dancer:t2:

I got inspired by others here and now I have a 6-day coding streak on the DS path. I am going back over functions b/c I feel like it’s always good to practice core concepts.

I also started crocheting another small blanket in two colors (so far). It’s a different, newer (to me) stitch and it gave me ideas about creating scarves as well. It’s supposed to be 30" x 30" and will go on a chair where my cat sleeps on her heating pad. (She’s older and has arthritis, thus the heating pad.) :cat: :yarn:


I realized my technology-related knowledge had some weak spots, and decided to learn everything I could about how the Internet works. So far so good! It’s really satisfying to learn how the things I take for granted actually work :star_struck:

I also learned to manage my time in a more productive way. I made myself aware of the time I actually spend doing stuff. I decided I would spend less time in low-density fun activities that slowly take up my time (aka scrolling through social media) and make me feel like I didn’t do anything I enjoyed in that day. Instead, I’m now learning to focus in hard tasks for longer periods of time (2-3hrs) and giving myself a longer, enjoyable break doing something I actually love.

(Sorry for the long post :stuck_out_tongue:).