Chef Coding
Hi my name is David
Is now more than six months I sign up with codecademy, I have enjoing this learning experience to improve my knowledge in the website coding world. In the last 40 years I have been a chef cooking for many restaurants beteween Europe and United States, in 1996 I bought a book called HTML in a week than I start my domain name Tuscany Cuisine to be able to show my culinary works achievments during my culinary carreer, I have built my presency on the website, by plancing recipes content about Italian cooking, the reason I choose the name of Tuscany Cuisine because I am a native of the Tuscan region in Italy, now with this pandemic crisis I have been laid off from my latest culinary jobs, and I am taking the opportunity to continuing exploring while learning tha language of coding which is for me very affascinating. I want to develop my site in a way every foodies or culinary professional can use my site to be inspire with my cooking dishes idea, Italian menu and more.
I have put in place a local search engine where you can type an ingredien ts and result will appear. But I want more functionality on my site, than visitor coan enjoy using by selecting the recipes search results to be printed for a low price or to select as to create a menus for any type of Italian events, I am far enough to achieve this goal in how to coded my pages to be able to give my visitor this type of basic functionality, I am here to learn to improve my site and start a new carrer as a machine coder or web developer, if anyone in the community have some resources to what I am trying to do I am here to listen to any suggestions and learn from it.
Thank codecademy to give me the opportunity to learn a new language.
Best Regards