Wtf moment. 6.Getting started


Why did codecademy give me the code?? I'm supposed to write it by my own? It was there from first place, and when i tried to reset the code it still was there. :frowning:


Hi Joshua,

Codecademy prefilling this exercise with the correct code here is a known bug, but we're currently unable to fix it :confused:

Thanks for pointing it out, though!


When will this be fixed?


In the next iteration, if there is to be one. Beyond that, it is old courseware that is as good as archived, at present. It doesn't hold us up, so it's not a priority fix.


Old courseware, meaning the entire jQuery course will be archived soon?


It already is. There is no question of it. But what of it? There is barely a smattering to begin with. It is only an introduction.


Then you should hide it from your site's nav, or put up a notice that it will be deprecated soon, etc. Leaving it live with known bugs like this will only serve to frustrate your students, especially if they get stuck when they're doing something correct, but the bug is preventing it from working.



the bug is preventing it from working

Not really, it's just causing confusion. Users can still pass the exercise easily though, so this seems like more of a mild annoyance than a serious bug to me.

put up a notice that it will be deprecated soon

You'd think. We have pretty much no control over what Codecademy does though, so how they handle this is entirely up to them :confused:


Do you know if there's plans for a more advanced course on jQuery?


@princebatcat I have no information on the new jQuery course, aside from that they plan to make it someday. Sorry :slight_frown:


That's fine. You can really tell that jQuery is one of the older courses. The format is a bit different. I thought it felt like I was speeding through it oddly quickly compared to the other courses, but they give you the exercises as well as the mini-projects in the same lesson while other courses separate the two


i'm glad there's forums for this. Now I don't feel like an idiot for not understanding the instructions.