Wrong hint


I'm sorry in advance, I'm Russian)
Not sure about the category of topic.
Perhaps it's not important, but on this page
hint is wrong (== instead ===).


what is really the problem


Hi @kartttikeya,

Both are valid comparison operators, although they do work slightly differently. Is there a reason having == in the hint is a problem, or did you just not know it's valid too?


Thanks for the answer.
I don't even know about many things, I'm just starting to code.
And the fact that I have to use only the English language makes me even more confused.


@kartttikeya Ah, sorry to hear that :confused: What language do you normally speak? It might be available on Codecademy through your account settings (at the very top of the page when it loads).


I'm Russian, as I had noticed in the first post, and my language isn't supported by Codecademy. In a sense, English makes coding more interesting, but sometimes it becomes too difficult.
In any case, thank you for your support and understanding :slight_smile:


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