Wrong Github domain?

I wanted to change the Github page-name from christophgrothe.github.io/lumos to www.lumos.com.

However, when you copy the link and go to the side, you see something completely else (My side is dark).
Looking into CNAME I saw this:

Anybody an idea what I can do?

By the way: It doesn’t matter if you click now on christophgrothe.github.io/lumos or on www.lumos.com - Both take you to a site which is not mine.


Just to clarify, do you own/have bought that domain? Because by the looks of it, the www.lumos.com domain has already been registered for quite some time (I assume by someone else looking at the registered date):
If so then it’s not possible to host your GitHub pages site on it and attempting to do so is just causing you to get redirected to what’s already on there by the current owner.

If it is your domain, I would recommend checking over the admin panel (in particular the DNS settings) as it may just be configured incorrectly. The specific steps for how to do that will vary depending on where you bought the domain/who it’s registered with.


Thanks so much for answering!

No, I didn’t buy anything cause there there was no option to do so…

Am I right, that Github does not sell any domain names?

I tried it over Cloudflare now, but here’s the next problem. Instead of www.lumos.com I tried www.lumos.at now and it seems there is no site with this name. However, Cloudflare doesn’t seem to like me ^^

Yeah that’s correct, you would have to buy a domain name from an external registrar (Cloudflare/Google Domains/Namecheap etc). You would then have to set the domain up in GitHub and then change the DNS settings of the domain name to point to GitHub’s servers. They have a pretty good guide on that here. :slight_smile:

The error Cloudflare is giving you means that they do not support buying any domains with the .at ending (called a top-level domain or TLD), unfortunately, you would have to pick another one from their list of domains.


Thanks for explaining and the link!

But I find this very strange: I can’t remember that I ever saw a domain-name like “wwwdomain-name.com”, so without the point… And I think I read on Github that you always should try to get a “www.”-domain.

So I guess GoogleDomains/ Namecheap will be the better option?

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No problem, glad I could help!

The first extra part of the domain before the actual URL is known as a subdomain, so if you had www.google.com, then www. is the subdomain. While for mail.google.com, mail. is the subdomain.

A domain without a subdomain like www. at the start is known as an “apex domain” and you can set differnt DNS rules for various subdomains (so you could have the main one point to your website, and have a different subdomain point to a different project for example). If you buy a domain you should have access to configure yourdomain.com, www.yourdomain.com and any customsubdomain.yourdomain.com.

Most major registrars would be good yeah, I would suggest having a google and comaparing the prices/reputation of a couple before you pick and only sticking with large, well established ones like Google/Namecheap. I personally use Google and I can attest that it’s been pretty good, but I’ve not used any others to compare that to so feel free to take that with a grain of salt.

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As I often have the tendency to be very perfectionist this time I prefered to try your favorite :wink:

But here’s the next question:

Are they meaning they want to sell me only the “lumos-design.com” and if yes, how would I look for the “www.lumos-design.com”? Cause, as you can see above, I was looking for the latter…

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At it’s core, www.lumos-design.com and lumos-design.com are part of the same domain name, one just has the www. subdomain (a subdomain is just the bit before the main domain name, so for example in mail.google.com, mail would be the subdomain). If you buy a domain name, you also own any subdomains, so on the example you shared all of these:

Would also be owned by you and you could freely set config rules and serve your GitHub Pages site on any of them.

For example, here’s the DNS config page of my domain (just with with full domain blacked out for privacy):
As you can see from that, I bought the one domain and I have a config rule set up for both the www. subdomain and the apex domain (in my case they both just redirect to the same website).

If you’re interested in a little further reading on what the www. subdomain is, this article looks pretty good.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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Again thanks so much, Lyall!!

Despite your really (!) good explanations, it’s still quite hard for me.

Meanwhile I got to the following point (the field “data”):

I have my stuff on Github, so I guess, that’s the host. What I don’t get, is, what’s exactely the hostname (maybe “christoph.grothe.github.io/lumos”*?) ? I tried to google it but I only found things about Github Enterprise…

*That was the original page on Github, at the moment, it doesn’t work…

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay getting back to you but I wanted to test this on my own repository first just to make sure I wasn’t giving any misleading information. Setting up www.lumos-design.com is fairly simple, you just want to add this DNS record:

Hostname Type TTL Value
www CNAME Leave default christophgrothe.github.io

In this case, the hostname is the subdomain you want it at (Google will auto fill the rest so you just have the type the www bit.) and the data is your GitHub pages site. Note: this does not include the repo name so you don’t want /lumos on the end, it’s just yourusername.github.io). So long as you have www.lumos-design.com set up as the custom URL from the GitHub settings then that should work.

That said, it’s also probably a good idea to configure the apex domain too (the domain without www). This will not need any changes on the GitHub settings but does need a few extra DNS records (as well as the CNAME above):

Hostname Type TTL Value
[blank] A Leave default

The IP addresses (I think) refer to the web/domain servers GitHub would be using.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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Oh my god, thank you so much, it works!!! That’s the first time in my life to create a website with a “real” domain name :slight_smile:

May I ask you where your motivation comes from to be that supportive, Lyall :slight_smile: ?

By the way: Before I posted the question here I tried to get help at stackoverflow. It was unbelievable how unsupportive this forum was…

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Woohoo, congrats! Glad I could help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Whew that’s a difficult one to answer. To be honest, I just like lending a hand whenever I can, particularly seeing as in some cases it’s something that I myself have run into before (I spent ages trying to get a custom domain for my first site working) and it’s great to be able to pass that onwards imo!

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