Wrong "correct" result for 6. Combining aggregrates


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I had to calculate the percentage of distance flown by DL per origin, but the code below only gives the correct percentage when it's 100%, like for BDL. In the cases where it's less it gives 0, even when it shouldn't be like for ATL (should be 66.9%). The site marks it correct though, and lets me continue.
Is there something wrong with my code or with CodeCademy?
(Re-added the code for total_flight_distance and total_delta_flight_distance from past excercises to see whether I was going nuts or not.)

SELECT origin, sum(distance) as total_flight_distance, sum(CASE WHEN carrier = 'DL' THEN distance ELSE 0 END) as total_delta_flight_distance, 
	100.0*(sum(CASE WHEN carrier = 'DL' THEN distance ELSE 0 END)/sum(distance)) as percentage_flight_distance_from_delta 
FROM flights 
GROUP BY origin;


Found my own question answered in this post. The title didn't make me think it was related to my issue, but allas...


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