Wrong code?


Syntax error : unexepted token

var BMW = new {
    cout = "Trop cher";
    vitesse = 220;
    pays = 'Allemagne'

Thank you ! :stuck_out_tongue:


You need a comma , instead of semicolons ;


Et aussi la notation littérale ne nécessite pas le nouveau mot-clé,

devrait ĂȘtre juste

var BMW = {


Thanks ! Merci Ă  toi :wink:

But now , the SyntaxError shows me :

Invalid shorthand property initializer

var BMW ={
    cout = "Trop cher",
    vitesse = 220,
    pays = 'Allemagne'


Vous avez pas suivi les instructions @kyleaw changer les signes Ă©gal Ă  deux points,


cout:"Trop cher",


Ohh thank you !
I'm been stupid :smiley:


I have no idea what you said. Additionally, I had no idea you spoke French. You're 329% percent cooler now. :slight_smile:


Lol haha its one of the additional courses we have in my school :laughing:


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