Writing Tests for React Applications Using Jest and Enzyme

I am on the section of the TDD sections for React, and the article linked:

is extremely unclear. Perhaps I am intellectually deficient in some way, but I am confused that the author is first asking me to make a new project, then asking me to download a previously made application. Am I to inject this code into the project folder I made? Which files?

Additionally, it would seem much of the code in the example given is out of date, since I’m reading Enzyme isn’t supported anymore in React, and the files seem incompatible with npm without major tweaking, which is also never explained. It’s a little frustrating to pay for lessons wherein much of the reading material is simply articles lifted from the net, with little concern apparently given for whether it is out of date or not.

If someone could give me some sort of pointer in terms of what this tutorial is asking me to do, I would appreciate it. At present, I am tempted to punch a hole straight through the nearest wall.

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The best thing is to copy the package.json file and run the NPM INSTALL command to install the dependencies of your project so that it works with the same versions and without problems.

Hello to you.
I would like to give a presentation on unit testing with Jtest from the ReactJs library. I have rarely worked with ReactJs and I really don’t know anything about writing a paper. How can you help me?

Hi Danielamax.
Programming with ReactJs is really not difficult. It’s just a matter of getting used to it to have a good command. Concerning your problem, I think that with the courses that codecademy you will be able to find solution. But for the writing task you can use an assignment service that you can find on PapersBattle. This is just a suggestion. If you think that you have enough time for this work, you can learn the basics of writing to do this work by yourself if it suits you. Good luck to you for the next step.

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Thanks for the advice, I will keep you informed if I encounter any further difficulties.

Hi dormiebasne,

It is not you. Codecademy is has farmed this section out. Enzyme has been dead for two years. This is just lazy incompetence.

If anyone else is just reaching this section and just discovered that Enzyme is no longer used and you get ERR! when trying to install locally, CC has a separate course on Learn React Testing with Jest and React Testing Library!

You basically skip through the rest of the lessons on the Front End/Full Stack course!

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