Writing Java code, using IDEs?


Hello all!

I’ve completed the Learn Java Script course. The next natural step (i assume) is to practice it.

In the case of html and css practice was easy as I could write the code i learned during the course into the editors i found (ex Atom).

So I stared looking for an editor-type tool to help me practice java, as i did html and css. The two most highly recommended (atm) that I found is NetBeans and DrJava. However, unlike html, in order to run java code, one needs libraries and packages and it has to be compiled than run… my head is spinning already. Got through this hurdle as both of the above mentioned tools help with that. However, i have an issue with the code itself: The syntax as i learned in the course is not accepted. A simple declaration of function will not compile.
ex: function chunkArrayInGroups(arr, size) {}
gives the error "Error: ; or ( expected."
It expects a different syntax i presume.

console.log is not recognized at all, instead
System.out.println(" hello "); is being used to write something.

So, my questions is: what am i doing wrong? Am I using the wrong tools? If so, which tools should i be using? or do I need to setup something first: i don’t know, like link something with something, or declare something (i’m thinking similar as it was with bootstrap if i wanted to use it in html)
What should i be doing if i wanted to write JavaScript like I’ve learned in your course? or do I need to learn some other syntax? where can I find some guide - lines for this as it relates to the codecademy course?

awaiting your reply,
best regards :slight_smile:

update: NVM, i found the problem: didn’t realize there were two entirely separate languages: Java and JavaScript. The editors I mentioned above were not appropriate for what I wanted to do.

Hence my question now changes to: where / how can I practice the Java Script I have learned in the codecademy course? any editors you would recommend?


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