Writing HTML using iPad ,and not been able to type in code

Hello Eveyone ’ I’m trying to start my first course on HTML language , I’m using and iPad and is not letting me type the practice HTML codes to go through the the course . Can anybody help me please !

Codecademy sadly doesn’t support mobile. (Yet, I hope)

Hey @elpatron324

use a laptop or a desktop computer …

If you are forced to use a tablet then use chrome and select desktop mod. … its difficult though

Only a few mobile devices are ‘supported’ so far. Sadly, iPod is not one of them.

They’re talking about iPads and there are currently no mobile devices officially supported other than mobile computers (Laptops).

Okay, thank you.
But iPods and iPads… Tomato to-mato in my own opinion.

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Guys, please help elpatron324 with his problem, if you want to talk about ipod/ipad etc, make a message with everyone who wants in.

@elpatron324, could you provide us with your code?

The topic isn’t code related, it’s about device compatibility.

Oops, my mistake.

In that case i will just join, i never understood why people wanted to code on a tablet, there are very little tools, typing speed is much lower (given all the special characters you need)

For the exercises, use a computer/laptop/netbook/chromebook.

Thank you everyone for replying ! Reason I’m using an Ipad is because that the only access I have at work . I do have a PC at home but sometimes it’s hard finding time at home .

Problem…on the HTML Course it doesn’t let type anything but is I go to the Java web developer skills course it works fine .