Wrap with a div problem


I don't able to understand wrap with a div topic ..Please provide me the solution on how to clear wrap with div stage


Wrap with a div

You should have created two ul elements in the previous exercises, like this:

  <li>Betty Rose</li>
  <li>Sign Up</li>
  <li>Log In</li>

This exercise is asking you to put those two lists inside of a nav and a container div like this:

<div class="nav">
    <div class="container">

        put your two lists in here

    </div> <!-- close the container -->
</div> <!-- close the nav -->

Do you see how that works now?


Hi, I am having the same problem - i feel stupid but I really don't know what I am doing wrong :frowning:

Please help!


@keznjoebigpond_com, did you follow the steps in my earlier post? Please copy/paste your code and include the error message that you are seeing so I can see what you have so far.


Hi Albionsrefuge
Thank you for responding, please see screen shots attempted.

I appreciate any help you can offer.


I can see that you are missing all of the closing tags on your list items and your list elements. Almost all HTML elements need both and opening and a closing tag.

Have a look at the example that I posted earlier to see how those should be placed.


Woo hoo, I followed your last example exactly and it has worked.

I now see what you mean as I had not added the / to close anything off.

Thank you for the support :smile:


Okay so I did exactly what you are instructing...still can't pass. HELP??!


Not exactly, you didn't. You have

  • a </ui> there instead of a </ul>
  • a </i> instead of a </li>


OH WOW....Thank you!!


At step 15 and 16 I closed the exactly how Albionsrefuge wrote it including the symbols and text close the container etc and this worked for me.


im having the same problem but this one is on the last step on the "make a website"


The very last step on the Make a website course or just the last step on the Make a Website : HTML unit?

It will be easier to find the problem if you post your code. It is usually a missing link, bracket, colon or semicolon -- much easier to spot with the code in front of us.