Wouldn't be nicer if we get an option to SYNC our project automaticly with github repository

Wouldn’t it be nicer if we get an option to sync our codcademy-created projects with our GitHub, as Github is the new resume for developers?

I know we can download our projects and upload them in GitHub, but that’s time-consuming. It would be nicer if we can have an option to create a repo, and submit our project in there our just a share button that can do that, connect with the Githubcreate a repo or choose a repo and share it there.

You can do that already by copy pasting the code from Codecademy to GitHub no? Although I doubt any actual employer cares about the small projects so they pretty much equal to 0, maybe just GitHub activity but that can be accomplished by other means. Big projects that you do outside Codecademy already advise you to use GitHub.

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Yes, i got muted. Yeah I agree with you, but what i mean is not for practice projects, but portfolio one, and sharing them one by one, don’t count to commits, the actual benefits of using GitHub is not only you code have versioning,

but you can show how active you are. on daily basis. so doing that by copy pasting is really time consuming.

You can push your portfolio projects from CC or ones you do outside of CC to GH on your own.

Hey @lisalisaj thanks for responding what do you mean by CC, Codecademy? You can’t push it

That is what I was suggesting. i know we can download it and upload it to GitHub that’s time-consuming.

If you do the (larger) portfolio projects on your own computer (not in the learning environment), then you can push them to GH. Learning how to do that would be a skill that potential employers would like.

Thanks for enduring me, ma’am, but what if someone like me who understands GitHub and how version controlling works, and most of the software building I do is in the cloud because it saves a lot of time on updating or installing the app in a laptop?

While doing portfolio work cost a lot of time, even if it takes 15m for one project, and supposedly I do 10 in a month, I even lost 150m which is a lot to me as I am very, very lazy.

If we have an option to sync our Codecademy project into GitHub with a click or two.

arent it be much esier. on the end isn’t programing is all about makeing ease for people.

While your potential employer may be impressed by your GH and CC activity, they will be put off by that admission. They’d rather hear how ambitious and dedicated you are to your work, translate that as, work they give you to do on a deadline.

I know all these concerns you people are sharing, and all are good at their own paradigm, but what I actually mean, is no one is getting my point, how awesome would it be if you can sync your GitHub with Codecademy?

Codecademy provides a Workspace feature which is essentially GitPods that might accomplish the goal you are looking for.

The material in the Modules themselves isn’t significant enough to warrant the complexity of linking them to a GitHub repo, and the ones that are, already encourage you to use your own stack to work on them. Smaller guided projects that are done on-platform aren’t the best resume content, they are designed to reinforce the material.

And I’m confused on what you are saying about something taking “150m”. Syncing your projects to a git repo takes 15 minutes per project? Something doesn’t seem right there, either your workflow is highly inefficient or you have the terrible misfortune to live somewhere with terrible internet access. Either way, integrating GitHub into the Codecademy platform won’t help either issue.

Finally, and this is an issue not at all related to your suggestion, but GitHub isn’t the only git hosting service, and implementing an integration like that would be terrible for Codecademy. It’s already bad enough that over half of the Git training course is focused on GitHub and encouraging a “vendor lock-in” phenomenon, but to integrate it into the platform would be doing a huge disservice to the members of the site by further reinforcing the idea that one service is the only option.

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@nothead31 hanks a lot for your response sir, firstly I apologize for making confusion about 150m, what I mean, is downloading a project and putting it inside a folder, then opening GIT and syncing it with GitHub putting all those commits and other things will differently not cost 15 minutes, but it does cost a big chunk of time, now if we multiply it with 10 or 20 that huge.

And to your 1st para response, Why did they put the Portfolio project tag on some projects, my concern is on those. From my perspective, they are projects with multiple files, like index files, CSS files, javascript files, and resource folders. So they are definitely projects that I want to be available on my GitHub.

And secondly ( again, to my perspective, maybe i am wrong) Github is not only for saving your repo, but it also shows how active you are, when you make a commit it track those, and collectively it traces the percentage of Languages used in all project.

I found a way to build a low code, web which i will make free to do this syncing automatically.

And about the last para, yeah, I know that Linus Torvalds, one of the founding figures of the Linux kernel potentially system, made Git, which is a free software to make version control easy for you repos.
But GitHub took it to the next level. I never even look to other platforms which do version controlling because Github is enough for me.

My understanding is that the Portfolio Projects are the off-site ones. I’ve only handled ones in Python courses, so maybe the web ones are built differently. If I’m wrong, then I agree that maybe Codecademy should look to rename “Portfolio Projects” to something else, because I agree that a “Portfolio Project” implies that it’s something you would want to show potential employers.

The GitHub activity tracker is more of a gimmick than anything, to be honest. It’s nice to see how active a person is, but in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t impact much. You could work for 40 hours in 3 days to develop a bug fix or new feature, but only make one commit at the end of the work. The activity tracker will only show the single commit, it doesn’t give any indication of the amount of actual work you put into the project. And the language percentage feature is a heuristic analysis of a project that doesn’t have much value unless you are looking for a project to contribute to (oh, this project is 95% C, but I don’t know C. I’ll look for something else to work on instead). It is also more of a gimmick than a feature. That’s not to say either of these are bad or useless, but their utility is limited to a “huh, that’s interesting” rather than any kind of useful metric.

If you developed something practical, then by all means release it. Even if Codecademy doesn’t use it, someone will find it useful.

And the last paragraph wasn’t directed at you in particular, it was a commentary on Codecademy’s platform. I expanded on my reasoning in a post of my own because it’s a topic that goes pretty deep.