Would Love Your Feedback!

I would really appreciate your feedback on my project!

I had fun going through iterations of my code and improving on the code each time. I found that looking through others projects helped inspire me to improve the code’s output.

The project took me about six hours (but I had my initial result in about two). I spent most of my time refining the code and challenging myself to improve the ease of pivoting what was analyzed.

I am a huge fan of finding better ways to do things, so your support is much appreciated!


I like it simple and easy to understand going through projects to refine my project as well so this as very inspiring to see

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Hey there !

Really nice work :blush: I like the direction you took. Great idea to implement some code that takes care of adjusting the table size depending on the output ! I thought about it too for my work and I must admit that I was lazy and didn’t do it, so I am super happy to see that you did.

Keep up the good work and maybe see you later for other portfolio projects :innocent:

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