Would like to earn money designing websites. Any advice?

I’m only 14 years but programming has always interested me. I’ve wanted to start earning money by designing websites for small and local business, but I am technically new to programming. Does anyone have any advice on what course I should take or what programming language I should learn in order to build good websites? It would be very much appreciated.

Hello @net9445459578, welcome to the forums! If you can, take a path like frontend or full-stack (however they need PRO), as they involve many small projects within them. The best way to convince customers (apart from major certifications) is to have a good portfolio of projects you hav e completed to show them what you can do. To build websites you will need HTML and CSS (so if you don’t want to pay for PRO, you could take these courses. If you want to add some interactivity to your website (still on the frontend), you should learn JavaScript.


Thank you very much, I’ll look into those.

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Yeah, pro would be a good idea, and good luck, I hope you do good! :slight_smile: