Would like some help with coding in regards to leaflet

I am having troubles in passing my soilgeojson layer to different math functions. The data from the geojson file will be used to compute a value in a math equation. This value will then be used to style the shape by color.

So far the geojson passes through the style function, but not any of the math functions

SIgned a desperate student who is out of their mind stress.

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Hey there, something seems off here with the parentheses.

 function colorLSNlSN(soilsData)) {

Hey, hope I am on the right track as i’m only new to this but I can see you have 2 closing brackets after soilsData and only 1 opening bracket.

Hope this helps.

I think you meant to reply to @mychelle_wong1391907?

If not, that’s exactly the hint I wanted to pass on with that quote from the original code linked in the opening post. :slight_smile:

Yes I did, sorry! Please accept my apologies.
One thing though, I am on the right path with the lessons? line 134 @mychelle_wong1391907.
I just need to get used to the help section. lol

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Nothing to apologize for, all good! :sweat_smile: