Would Like More Input On My Personality Type

Just took the Sorting Quiz and got: “Problem Solver.”

Can anyone give more input on stuff I would probably have an affinity for, given my type?

Also, just being curious, how do the other types relate to my type? It seems like I’d work well with a Question Asker or a Dot Connector…

Thanks in advance!


I just took the quiz. I’ve coded on and off for a few years and been a musician as a profession. I think the quiz got what’s the least fun part of programming for me.

My advice would be to try one language for a few weeks (2-3) while practicing a solid hour a day and see how it feels to work with that.

Python for example is a great flexible language that would be easy to translate to other languages if you decide you want to switch.


Hello! I’ve taken the quiz and have gotten “Problem Solver” as well. I agree with @toastedpitabread that Python is a great language to start off with. I completed the Learn Python 3 course here and really enjoyed it.


Based on the description, it sounds like a Software Architect. The Computer Science path is a good way to go. I got User Advocate, pretty accurate for what I do which is actually not in the Career Opportunities.

I have transitioned from QA to Software Engineering Manager, which has aspects of a Product Owner.

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