Would learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails give a good foundation?

Hi there forum,

Would learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails be enough theory and practice to really start working on your own projects? I was thinking about going through the courses several times, to really get the hang of it. But, I REALLY want a solid foundation in programming with a language like Ruby. So should I continue learning here on Codecademy and after a good amount of time pick up some of my own projects? Or should I continue to learn here on Codecademy and then pick up some books, or continue with other tutorials?

i would do both, do the tutorials on codecademy and other sites, and implant this idea’s in your own projects, you can install ruby + rails on your computer

Thank you! My feelings was towards this as well. I guess that going into the fields of algorithms, logical methods, data communications, database systems, effective parallel programming and such is necessary to really get a grip on it too?

databases system is important for rails, algorithms is good to know. The rest you can learn, but shouldn’t be the primary focus

Awesome, thank you for good response time and responses! Any suggestions on where I’d start with the databases? Perhaps learning HTTP/RESTful with Rails is a must too?

not in the beginning, rails will manage a lot for you :slight_smile: