World Populations SQL Practice II

All right, so I’ve been working on this particular exercise:

This is question # 4:
What was the total population of the continent of Oceania in 2005?

This is what Codecademy says is right:

SELECT SUM(population) FROM population_years

INNER JOIN countries ON = population_years.country_id

WHERE year = 2005

AND continent = ‘Oceania’;

This is what I wrote:

WITH full_data AS (
SELECT * FROM countries
JOIN population_years
ON = population_years.country_id)
SELECT SUM(population_years.population), countries.continent, population_years.year
FROM full_data
WHERE countries.continent = ‘Oceania’ AND population_years.year = 2005;

I know it is incorrect since DB Browser lets me know there is a mistake. It says “Result: no such column: population_years.population”

Can somebody explain to me what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

I understand the workflow of the correct answer provided by Codecademy, I’d just like to know why my approach does not work.

Thanks again.

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