World Populations SQL Practice II - Solution password

I selected ‘download’ in the World Populations SQL Practice II project, however, completed the project in Codecademy. I have now downloaded the Solution and installed the ‘DB Browser for SQLite’ onto my mac. When I try to open ‘population_queries_final.sqlite’ file it requests a Password.

Could you please advise the password or what I am doing incorrectly to get to this point.


Please post the URL from the location bar of that exercise.

This is the link. I downloaded it and it requires a password to access the answers.

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Hi there, I encountered the same issue. Have you received the password? BR, Magnus

I have the same exact problem. Both the exercise DB and the solutions one require a password.

I am having the same problem when opening the file which requires a password

I’m experiencing the same issue.

Has anyone learned the password or how to bypass it?

Here might be a way for you guys, try to import the file to this website, and the query should be displayed.