World Populations Challenge Project (SQL)

I did not use Git Bash tough

Mine :slight_smile:

My solution to the World Populations II Challenge:

My solution

My solution, it has a small twist at the end hope you like it.

Sharing my code…

Hi everyone!

Here are my solutions to the World Populations Challenge Project (SQL).

I struggled a bit with the multiple conditions for Indonesia as I thought it wouldn’t return any data since it couldn’t meet both the 2000 and 2010 AND clause for year. I thought that another OR statement would break it up and it worked! I also like my data neat and tidy so sorted most of it and didn’t want any nulls.

I agree with the above comment regarding the last question about Indonesia. I took a different approach using 2000>2010.

Sharing my code as well

Here is mine!

This is my code. Everyone has their own way of coding, I Am sharing mine :grinning:

Hello to everyone!

Here I attached my solution for the project on github!

Looking forward for the commentaries


This is my solution for World Populations Challenge Project (SQL)
Honestly I don’t know how to post my solution on GitHub and I had spent 3 hours to find out how to post on this forum.

Sharing my code because I’m pleasantly surprised with my overall result! Thanks for the fun task.