World Populations Challenge Project (SQL)

Sharing my code…

Hi everyone!

Here are my solutions to the World Populations Challenge Project (SQL).

I struggled a bit with the multiple conditions for Indonesia as I thought it wouldn’t return any data since it couldn’t meet both the 2000 and 2010 AND clause for year. I thought that another OR statement would break it up and it worked! I also like my data neat and tidy so sorted most of it and didn’t want any nulls.

I agree with the above comment regarding the last question about Indonesia. I took a different approach using 2000>2010.

Sharing my code as well

Here is mine!

This is my code. Everyone has their own way of coding, I Am sharing mine :grinning:

Hello to everyone!

Here I attached my solution for the project on github!

Looking forward for the commentaries


This is my solution for World Populations Challenge Project (SQL)
Honestly I don’t know how to post my solution on GitHub and I had spent 3 hours to find out how to post on this forum.

Sharing my code because I’m pleasantly surprised with my overall result! Thanks for the fun task.

Hello there,
This is my solution :slight_smile:

Here’s what I came up with after finding how to do certain functions: