World Populations Challenge Project (SQL)

Test me!

– This is the first query:

– SELECT DISTINCT country from population_years;

– Add your additional queries below:

– select population from population_years where year = 2005 order by population asc limit 10;

– select country, count() from population_years group by country;

– select DISTINCT country from population_years where population > 10;

– select count(DISTINCT country) from population_years where country like ‘%Islands%’;

select country, population, year from population_years where country =‘Indonesia’ ;

Here is my code and I hope it is helpful! let me know if there is any question.

Here is my solution to World populations SQL Practice Challenge I

Here’s my solution to the challenge.

Here’s my solution to the WPC Project (SQL). Do take a look :smile:

Can someone tell how the difference would work (in Q8). I calculated manually for now.

Here’s my solution!

here is mine


Hi! Here is my solution to the project: Feel free to see how mine fairs against yours!

Here is my Solution for the first sql challenging project.

Hello all! I am showing my solutions here, about project I. Any feedback or interaction here or on GitHub would be so appreciated!

Excellent Challenge Project.

This is my solutions!

First Project done.

I thought outside the box in the last one.
Please tell me how I could have solved it with less effort.

Thank you!

Thanks for this support!!