World Populations Challenge Project (SQL)

Sharing my solution. Let me know if you find something I could have done differently or better!

Here’s my solution, as well. There are so many different solutions here!

Hello Everybody.
this is my first Challenge Project on Codecademy.
May it be useful first for me second for you.

Test me!

– This is the first query:

– SELECT DISTINCT country from population_years;

– Add your additional queries below:

– select population from population_years where year = 2005 order by population asc limit 10;

– select country, count() from population_years group by country;

– select DISTINCT country from population_years where population > 10;

– select count(DISTINCT country) from population_years where country like ‘%Islands%’;

select country, population, year from population_years where country =‘Indonesia’ ;

Here is my code and I hope it is helpful! let me know if there is any question.

Here is my solution to World populations SQL Practice Challenge I

Here’s my solution to the challenge.

Here’s my solution to the WPC Project (SQL). Do take a look :smile:

Can someone tell how the difference would work (in Q8). I calculated manually for now.

Here’s my solution!

here is mine


Hi! Here is my solution to the project: Feel free to see how mine fairs against yours!

Here is my Solution for the first sql challenging project.

Hello all! I am showing my solutions here, about project I. Any feedback or interaction here or on GitHub would be so appreciated!

Excellent Challenge Project.

This is my solutions!

First Project done.

I thought outside the box in the last one.
Please tell me how I could have solved it with less effort.

Thank you!