Workspaces - full screen?

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I’m completely new to codecademy and wanted to use the workspaces. However I wonder, if there is any possibility to see the output in full screen mode, in other words, as if you would look at a “real” website. To illustrate what I mean: The maximum size I can see it is like on the picture with the blue screen:

However I would like to see it like in the picture with the red screen:

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Can you click on the “x” on the upper left to close the sidebar so the workspace is full-screen?

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You mean this “x”?

Then my editor is closed but I still can’t see a fullscreen website…

Oh, whoops. Right.

I’ve not really delved into the Workspaces thing yet. But, I see that you can increase the output window, but one isn’t able to increase the workspace itself or hide the left sidebar.

I’ve asked a developer about this. I’ll see what he says and report back here. :slight_smile:


Heyo! We’re looking to add this functionality in Q4 2021. There’s a whole behind the scenes overhaul of the Learning Environment (LE), and our workspaces are built on the as yet unfinished next version of the LE hence the sandbox having some things that the learning content doesn’t and vice-versa.


It’s far from an optimal solution but I guess you can bluntly remove the HTML elements via element inspector or a similarly titled tool. Perhaps there’s a proper way to hide elements temporarily but I just remove and then undo when desired to clear up the LE sometimes (fairly confident it’s fine for the workspace since there’s nothing OTT about it, save first and be ready to refresh anyway). That may be the equivalent of opening a tin with a shoe :man_shrugging: but sometimes I just want what’s in the tin.


Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

Now I would have a more general question about this, and I hope, it’s not too stupid :sweat_smile:

What is the advantage from workspaces in comparison to coding/experimenting in a program on my own computer (I have Visual Studio Code for example) and then looking at the result with the browser?

Don’t really get this at the moment :thinking: :grimacing:

The workspace offers us the advantage of sharing, especially across the CC domain/subdomains. It also opens up the possibility of utilizing some of CC’s image assets. Some privacy is afforded since as I understand it currently, only logged in users can view it. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Ok, Thank you for explaining :slight_smile:

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