Workspace Preview Inconsistent When Opened in New Tab (CSS?)

Hello everyone, apologies if I make any mistakes as this is my first forum post. I’m encountering a strange issue while working on a practice web project in Codecademy’s Workspaces.

Basically, the webpage preview is responsive and scales properly to window size whenever I’m in the editor window itself. But when I open the preview in a new tab or window, it’s no longer responsive after a certain width.

This is how it looks shrunk in the editor display:

Compared side-by-side with the external window preview (on the left):

Is this a bug, or just a known thing about how Workspaces …work? I’ve wondered if I’m doing something wrong in my code, but after saving the HTML and CSS in VSCode, Chrome displays everything correctly:

Which is why I’ve opted to put this topic in this category instead of CSS. It’s a little worrying, since responsive design is a big part of what I’m trying to wrap my head around. :sweat_smile: Any ideas what this is about? I’m too much a newbie to know if this is my fault or not. Thanks for reading!