Works but doesn't

def the_flying_circus():
    answer = raw_input('what is a number between 1-5 ?')
    if  answer >=5  or answer <= 1:   
        print ("this is between 1-5")
        return True
    elif answer < 6 :            
        print ("I said between 1-5")
        return True
        print ("what")
        return True


The answer you are printing is switched... your first if statement says that the answer is greater/equal to 5 or the answer is less/equal to 1 it tells them that that number is between 1-5 which it isnt. same thing with the elif statement saying if what u say is less than 6 (5 and under) than it is not between 1-5 but 4 is less than 6 and is between 1-5.

Hope this helps