Workout Coach

Hey there. So I want to share a project idea that I always want to work on but always believe I need more experience to make it happen. I am posting it because maybe others wish to work on it with me.
The project is like a workout coach. I know there’s others out there, but I wanted to try something else. Like give workout plans at first and mix it, but the later keep track deeply with progress and makes suggestions on how you should progress. At first wish to start it as a website, where it will have frontend and then backend operation. Then into an app. Like on a road to truly making it personalized to the user. With AI, it could become something really great I believe.
Like I said, it is an idea. I’m only 44% of the full s. k program and good with front-end development. Let me know if you have thoughts and/or want to help me with this.


Are you a certified personal trainer or are you working with one? I ask b/c of potential legal issues from doling out health advice.
(I also don’t think it’s wise for anyone to take health advice from generative AI.)

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Woot! Let’s get it, @koliyus. :fire: I’m about these gains, whether in real life or code. haha.

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No doubt, it’s great that you’re motivated to create an app.
But I’d steer clear of any health related stuff. Unless you have an attorney and legal disclaimers in large font.

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… and an air-tight liability waiver and/or a letter of indemnity, signed and notarized.


What language are you using? I have my BS in Exercise Sports Science and was thinking to do that after react since I’m learning JavaScript.

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I could be interested in a project like this. @koliyus I have thought about this type of project as well or just a project to practice building. I was waiting a bit to get into it until I started learning more about the back end. But I think that it is something that could be fun. I have been training and dieting consistently over 20 years and I have some thoughts and ideas on what to include.

WOW! ok lol. Well didn’t think that far yet with the legal part. Think it’s good enough to keep it small for now and cross that bridge when arrive to (but really doesn’t hurt to cover yourself). At the moment it can be a collective of known routines that work and build something from that. @dreamchava JavaScript ideally and that sounds dope and helpful. @freddieb77 yea thought it be cool to have something to work on with people that interesting, and I thought I’d have to wait for backend to finally work on this as well.

Ill try to start something up in the next few days and post a Github link.

thanks for the inputs!

Hey finally got around to whipping something up to start with.

Right now its got exercises and sections for possible upcoming things. I see the exercise section expanding but made into a sort of library section.

Also, doing my workout research, my favorite section in the is gone. Made into a shop, so that inspires me to atleast make it an exercise library for all lol.