Working within tech support - how can I go forward?

Hey there!

For two years I’ve been working at a company providing payment solutions for shopping. Four months ago I went from working within customer support to technical support, only supporting the teams within the service department (i.e. no technical support directly towards our customers or merchants). Our job can be everything from helping our merchants change the format in their payout slips and retrieve data requested by the merchant, investigate why some orders aren’t accepted, investigating issues with our app to checking why the customer aren’t receiving their emails. We also help our new colleagues getting the right accesses for their work roles etc.

In our job we mainly use Splunk where we write queries to find information in raw data. However, when I started this team I had little to no knowledge about these things, and there’s still lot I don’t understand, especially when it comes to the language.

My interest in programming and such started about three years ago when I studied to become a restaurant manager. I knew very early that this wasn’t what I wanted to do, but since I had no clue what I wanted to do, and a manager education is good to have, I finished my studies. In the last exam, we were going to build a website in Word Press for the project. We were only supposed to spend a few hours working on it, but I got so hooked I spent almost the full project time on it. My team won a diploma for best website :wink:

This is about the only knowledge I have about programming and web development. I’m not 100% sure exactly what I want to target my studies on, but I’m curious about web development, apps, analyzing or programming.

We have lots of opportunities to develop and climb within this company, so I’ve talked to my manager about what I can do within the work to come closer to change to an engineering team. We talked about using Codecademy to develop, but I’ll need to do courses which I can motivate will help me in my current position as well (then of course I can study more towards the position I want on the side). We said that learning some languages would be useful in my position, since we in our team are the bridge between the engineering teams and our service teams. So, to fully understand the engineers and be able to translate it to the service agents, it would be useful to learn some languages.

I would highly appreciate it if anyone can give me some more “motivations” I can present to my senior manager (my team manager already supports me all the way) as to why they should invest a PRO account here, as well as a few study hours per month. If you have any good suggestions on which courses and languages I should focus on, I’d appreciate that as well.

Let me know if anything is quite blurry in my description of my situation, or if you want to know anything more. I was in quite the rush while writing this :wink:


With Pro Courses, you can learn more advanced parts of some languages you don’t get in the free course.

Also, what languages have learnt so far?

I hope this helps, and good luck with your job :slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t learnt any languages at all yet, that’s why I wish to learn so I can understand the engineer’s answer better. I’ve never been into coding before, the time I made a web page in Word Press was the first time I ever encountered it, even though I’ve always been curious about it and I’ve always heard that I’m good with tech stuff.

About two years ago I tried to learn HTML and CSS here because I applied for a web development education, but lost interest when I decided not to study and keep going with my customer service job. However the interest always stuck, and I’ve kept the thought of becoming some sort of engineer in the back of my head. Changing team into tech support really fueled up my motivation to learn again.

Now’s the question, what languages are useful to learn?


If going web developement, go HTML, then CSS, then JS.

If programming apps and stuff is what you want, go Python 3 or C++.

I hope this helps =)


Beyond those web languages said, PHP and SQL are great to learn also after you learn those 3.