Working with Python Lists: Medical Insurance Project

Hey Everyone!
I just finished my project for Medical Insurance working with Python lists.
I struggled a little with remembering the numerous punctuation required for lists and syntax functions.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Only suggestion I’d have might be something that hasn’t cropped up in the lessons yet but consider string formatting instead of multiple concatenations. Depending on the use case you may find them easier to work with and adjust.

Something like the following-

print("There are " + str(num_medical_records) + " medical records.")

could be rewritten as-

print(f"There are {num_medical_records} medical_records."})
# or perhaps skip the new variable entirely-
print(f"There are {len(medical_records)} medical_records."})
# note that is `medical_records` not `num_medical_records`.

If you’re using Python3 the following might be helpful read-

For Python2 perhaps-

Thank you for your feedback.
The speed of this f-string article seems much more efficient method to work with strings. I will absolute try to play around with this in Python.